Friday, April 1, 2022

My Super-Power would be......

 Superpowers doesn’t exist but still many of us wish for it. Many kids would want to be like Batman! Spider-Man! Doctor Strange! But I would like my superpower to be something like “Communicating with animals” 

Since I really LOVE animals (specially birds) getting the ability to communicate with them would be something special. I would ask horses to transport me and learn some survival techniques from monkeys. 

With my superpower I can be friends with Tiger and bears! I will never feel alone as I will always be in the company of my animal friends.

I would be able to save many souls thanks to my super power. Sometimes I like to sit and think “I wish a genie would grant me the ability to communicate with animals” and most of the time I get lost in my own world!

Monday, February 21, 2022

Book review

 Tittle: Folktales of Bhutan

Author: Kuenzang Choden

Genre: Folktale

Page: 235

Folktales of Bhutan is a novella written by Kuenzang Choden consisting of thirty eight  folktales and legends. I really enjoyed this book as I got to know how the ancient Bhutan was. For example, in the olden days people say that demons and demoness dominated Bhutan.

I really liked the folktale called sing sing Yangdolma  in this book because in this book A girl called Yangden  asks her father to sneak  in the land of demons to get her some special fruits. Her father did not want to go as the demons were said to eat humans but her father sadly agrees to go. In the end Yangden ends up getting abducted by the demons.

I highly recommend this book to people of every age as this book offers you lots of interesting stories and also you will get to learn about ancient Bhutan.


Thursday, December 9, 2021

The most surprising moment of my life

 Beep,Beep I heard my alarm. It was 6 AM. My friend was still asleep. I woke him up and we quickly ate breakfast and continued our way towards the forest for our daily walk. When we reached at the forest we saw different species of animals. When we were about to head back I saw a portal like structure.

I and my friend tried to touch the portal and that was when I and my friend got transferred to a completely different realm.  When we checked our watches we were 5 hours ahead of normal time. In that realm there was lots of magical creatures.

Suddenly we saw a large snake. The snake was slowly shapeshifting before our eyes. It slowly grew horns and wings. When it pounced on us, a flying goat came out of no where and kicked the snake unconscious and the goat flew away.

Me and my friend was left speechless after seeing all those magical creatures. We searched day and night for a way out of the realm but found none. Finally after few days I found a portal but when I rushed towards the portal, I slipped of a slippery cliff. Instead of landing in a pile of rocks I was in my bed.

It was the moment I realized everything was a dream and none of those things happened. I was left shocked and amazed. It was undoubtably the most surprising moment of my life.

Saturday, September 4, 2021


The forest is a area of land dominated by trees. It provides everything to us. It is the source of resources. So many creatures from the smallest ants to the biggest elephants lives there. Most of the earth is covered by forest. The main reason why I love the forest is that it is covered by fascinating creatures.

Some animals hibernate while some animals migrate to the south during winter. Some creatures grow thick fur during the cold winter and short fur during the hot summer. All of the animals have their own method for passing the hot summer and cold winter.

I like mammals and reptiles but I love birds. I have seen 134 species of birds till date and the numbers of new species in Bhutan is increasing rapidly so I have a long journey ahead. Every species of birds are beautiful in their own way. Some have strange coloration. Some are bright blue and some are green. The males are always bright and the females are bit dull.

We should never cut trees because there are lots of innocent creatures living up a tree. Even if you cut a tree replace it by planting several more trees. More importantly we should not capture or kill a wild animal as they deserve to live. Lastly I only have only one thing to say:

Please Plant Trees 🌲 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

A Journey into coding

 One fine sunny day something caught my mother's attention. She got some information related to coding and she  explored the website and saw a team called little coders that gives coding lessons for free. Without any word she enrolled me in the class for two and a half months.

On our first lesson we introduced each other and all went well. Slowly we learned  computer terms like CPU, hardware, software and many other exciting terms. On the third class it was much more fun because we learned coding terms.

After few weeks we started block coding. There were activities like giving nectar  to bees and harvesting crops using codes. After three to four weeks our tutor told us that we will get the chance to design our own website using HTML and CSS.

We started learning HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is the language to create webpages. After one exciting week of learning HTML we learned CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheet and it gives style to your webpage. You can add colors, change the font-style, add images and many exciting styles. I started designing my web page after few weeks. I made my webpage about common garden birds. I woke up early and stayed up late at night. I worked very hard.

Surprisingly, when team little coders declared three champions, I was one of them! I was shocked and thrilled to hear this wonderful news. Further during mid-term break little coders conducted a hackathon and I participated in this event. The team little coders asked us to design a web page about COVID-19.  I worked even more in this event and managed to design a web page. Again I was surprised by the result. I was again one of the three champions!  I would like to thank team little coders from the bottom of my heart and I would recommend learning the language of the computer (coding) as it is the language of the future.

These are my assignments

My First Assignment

Hackathon's Assignment

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 Birds are animals that dominate the sky. They are kept as pet by many people. The first bird domesticated was the goose. Birds are classified as warm blooded animal  There are many species of birds. The penguin is the only bird that cannot fly but can swim. It is the only bird that walks upright. The owl can nearly turn their head 180 degrees but it cannot move their eye ball.

                                                   Picture taken from google.

Some scientists believe that birds really are relative of dinosaurs  because they look and behave very much like dinosaurs!

Saturday, June 5, 2021

6. Verditer flycatcher

 Verditer Flycatcher(Eumyias thalalassinus)

Count: 1

Date: September 15 2020

            The verditer blue bird
The bright summer visitor 
 My favorite bird

5. Green-Backed Tit

Green-Backed Tit(parus monticolus)


Date: September 8 2020

As it’s name suggests 
The back of the bird is green
Perfect camouflage 

4. Great Barbet

Great Barbet(megaliama virens)
Date: April 22 2021

It has a unique
Beak like a small banana
The largest barbet

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone

Tittle: The Philosopher's Stone
Author: J.K Rowling
Genre: Fantasy Fiction 
Published in 1917

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the first book of the Harry Potter series. It is a book everyone is familiar with because it was converted into a movie. Harry Potter is a child cursed by a dark lord known as "He who can't be named" 

This book is an adventuress book. Harry Potter was invited to study at Hogwarts, a school where you learn magic. Harry discovers a mirror that tells the future. He went at the mirror every night using his father’s invisibility cloak.

I loved the book because it contains magical adventures. Harry Potter was famous because he survived the curse of the dark lord. I loved the book and Harry Potter so much. 

This book and the wizard of oz were both fantasy fiction and many magic take place in the book so they were bit similar.

I think this book has a message to wait patiently and soon something good will be rewarded to you because on Harry’s eleventh birthday he was invited to Hogwarts. I strongly recommend this book to people who like medic and adventures.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

3. Crested Serpent Eagle

Crested Serpent Eagle (spilornis cheela)
Count: 1
Date: 22.10.2020

On a fine spring day
Could not find serpents to feed
whosh! It flew away

2. White wagtail

White Wagtail (Motacilla alba)
Count: 2

Beautiful and white

Like the snowball of winter

Swish, swish wags his tail

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

1. Tawny fish owl

Tawny fish owl (Ketupa favipes)
Count: 2

When owl stares at you
people say it brings bad luck
Aah! But Lucky me


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Athang Tenzin Pem and Gangtey Nyerpi Penjor (A Bhutanese folktales)

Author: Nima Dorji

Genre: folktale

Published in 2020

Athang Tenzin Pem and Gangtey Nyerpi Penjor is a Novel filled with romance. Penjor works as a Nyerpa   (store in charge) at the Gangtey Monastery and is locally known as Nyerpi Penjor. The Gangtey Rinpoche trusted Penjor to supervise the maintenance work of the temple reconstruction. Lots of workers from different villages in wangdue phodrang gathered near the temple to help with the reconstruction. 

Penjor then decided to keep two maids to cook his food and do the household chores. He chose a girl called Tenzin Pem from Athang village. Tenzin Pem choose a girl called Chado who also was from Athang to be as the second maid. As days went by Tenzin Pem and Penjor fell in love. They became inseparable and everyone knew about their relationship. The construction was finished and everyone went to their own village. They went to Athang to talk about their relationship to Pem’s mother. Pem’s mother was happy for them. 

It was not long before Penjor received a letter from Gangtey Rinpoche that he need to come back to the monastery. Penjor invited Pem to the festival that was in the next month. He left the following day. The day of the festival arrived. Pem and one of her friend started their journey to Gangtey Monastery. On the way two men pretend to be Penjor’s friend and took Pem with them while her friend went back. The men abducted Pem and took them to Sharchog Dungsam. 

Penjor looked for Pem for lots of months. While he was searching he reached Sharchog Dungsam and asked for hospitality. The house owner agreed and when he entered the house he saw his Pem as a servant. Pem was in the house because the men who abducted Pem was the son of the house owner. After a month Pem and Penjor managed to escape by putting everyone to sleep with a help of a poison. Unfortunately on their way back Pem slips on a slippery path and succumbs on the spot. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

WONDER by R.J Palacio

Author: R.J Palacio

Genre: Fiction Novel

Originally published: 2012

August Pullman who underwent multiple surgeries. People stared at him because he look different from other kids of his age. With time we got used to it. He was home schooled by his mother because August was afraid that people would stare and insult him.

One day he was sent to the school near his house. He was in fifth grade. At lunchtime nobody sat with him because they were scared which was rude. A girl called summer felt sorry for August so she introduced herself to him. Soon they became good friends. Mister Tushman, the principal of the school asked Jack be friends with August and he agreed. They also became good friends.

One Halloween he heard Jack talking to some boys. August listened to them and realized that they were talking Ill of him. Jack did not know why August was not friend with him any more. Summer gave a clue to Jack about why August was not talking to him then Jack felt like a complete idiot talking about August like that. He apologized to August accepted his apology and became friends.

At the end of the year the teachers took students on a nature retreat for three days and two night. While Jack and August were going to toilet they were attacked by some seventh graders. Henry, Miles and Amos, boys from August’s grade saved them and the fifth graders ran away.

Everyone graduated from fifth grade. Amos, Henry and Miles were popular because they saved August. Everyone was nice to August. August loved going to school!

Friday, January 1, 2021

My birding journey

                                                   Yellow-Billed Blue Magpie



                                                                 Kalij Pheasant



                                                          Ultramarine Flycatcher



                                                                          Little Owl



                                                              Oriental Turtle Dove



                                                         Blue Whistling Thrush        



                                                   Crimson-Breasted Woodpecker





 This mountain hawk eagle came flying from a forest and it disappeared. After a while lots of common mynas and ashy drongo surrounded some thing. I took a picture of it and I saw the eagle landed! A common myna was right beside the eagle but the eagle was not trying to eat it. I did not know which eagle it was so I looked through the book and saw that it was a mountain hawk eagle.

I was watching television inside and when I looked through the window I saw a large eagle landed on a tree. It stayed there for the whole afternoon. I was watching the eagle for hours. I thought “why is it called a crested serpent eagle if it has no crest?” Just after that it was like the eagle heard my thoughts it raised it’s crest. I was shocked. Around 7 pm the eagle flew away

I was outside with my friends and I saw a eagle flying. I ran inside my house and took the camera and ran outside to see the eagle and I saw it and took a photo. It was fast and it flew away out of my sight. It is the most common eagle in Thinley gang.

Thursday, September 3, 2020




Covid-19 gave us lots of day off

I don’t consider it as a day off

I miss my school friends mostly at noon

I hope the school will open soon


During this pandemic I got time to watch birds

I saw many new and beautiful birds

I have seen 88 species of them

I noticed that new birds like bread crumb


During lockdown I got time to read book

I learnt to cook

I learnt washing hands can save lives

Wear mask when you are out, the news arrives


We are staying safe at our home

I am thankful to our king, government, dessups, army and police

Dessups deliver groceries and food

If you practice social distance it is far more than good



Freaks United by John Hickman

Author: John Hickman

Genre: fiction novel

Originally published:2014

Length: 171 pages


Seth, Beefy and Angelo are 3 boys who loves playing football. They were transferred to a new school but they did not get selected for the school team. It gets even worse when they are called freak because they were not selected.


Then a new football club called ‘freaks united’ is born. All the members are who were not selected for the school team. Some do not know how to play football but after a bit of training they were becoming good players. Some of them are professionals.


Seth and his friends gather enough members and played  a match with the school team. Seth was the leader of freaks United. Steve, Seth’s dad bets 500 pounds to Steele the school coach if the school team wins and if freaks United wins Steele will put the the team in the school team. Freaks United tried hard to win but loses by 1 goal. It was a great match and they felt like they won.



 How I prepared kewa datshi (Potato & Cheese)



Today for lunch I prepared kewa datshi. (Bhutanese dish with potato and lots of cheese.) First I took 10 potatoes and washed it. I did not peel potato before so it took about 10 minutes to peel it. I cut the potatoes into equal sizes and I also cut onions and tomatoes. I poured water and oil in a pot. I heated the mixture and after a while I put tomatoes, onions and potatoes in the mixture. I mixed it well and let it cook. After sometime I added chili, cheese and datshi (Bhutanese cheese.) I let the cheese and datshi melt and mixed it well. The lunch. It was delicious. My parents commented it was delecious. We finished eating our lunch.

My Super-Power would be......

 Superpowers doesn’t exist but still many of us wish for it. Many kids would want to be like Batman! Spider-Man! Doctor Strange! But I would...